Best Astrology And Vastu Consultant In India

Astrology and Vastu have become one of the most believed sources in India. Astrology is the key to finding answers through the prediction of our astrologers. Also, it influences the forecasting of earthly and human events by observing fixed stars such as the sun, the moon, and the planets. Devotees believe that influencing these stars allows them to predict their future destinies, so astrology is the best way to predict future happenings.

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Astrology services offered by us

At Goodbyebadluck we have expert astrologers who help in advising on several problems/ issues. Our astrologers have been working in these fields for more than 40 years. We have astrologers for children, for family problems, for love-related issues, and others. Additionally, they give you proper remedies for your problems.

We at Goodbyebadluck provide Astro consultation on Various matters. Also, we have our expert Astro consultants.

Vastu service of Goodby Bad Luck

Vastu services offered by us

We have seen different Vastu consultants for different purposes. Such as commercial purposes, home building, financial issues, household matters, and humans’ future predictions. Every Vastu has their specialty in giving advice/ predictions on different matters of life and they ensure to bring harmony to individuals’ quality of living or working space. It has been observed that people mostly consult the Vastu for health, wealth, and love-related issues.

We at Goodbyebadluck provide Vastu consultancy on different matters. Also, we have our expert Vastu consultants.

Benefits of Astrology Remedies in India

The astrology and vastu shastra remedies have several benefits it helps humans to stay in the positive zone and remove every negative effect from our body. When it comes to seeing the results and advantages incorporated into it depends on the believing power the more you trust, the more benefit you will bring to your living environment.

Health benefits

Astrologers provide remedies to health problems. Also, Vastu Shastra designs architecture and aura of home that promote better physical as well as mental health of an individual. Additionally, it helps in reducing the overall stress level and boosts mental calm. Goodbyebadluck provides both astrology and Vastu remedies to our clients.

Financial benefits

It is often said that financial stability depends on the Vastu Shastra because Vastu attracts positive vibes and financial upliftments into your life. In some cases, astrologers help with their remedies to overcome the challenges they face, which will be further reflected in monetary gains. Goodbyebadluck helps you overcome financial losses.

Relationship success

We often see people facing relationship issues and family conflicts in their homes. This might be overcome by some astrologers' remedies and in home-related matters it is more of a vastu shastra issue, Vastu always enhances inner peace and satisfaction in your home which further helps keep your relationship better and fulfilling.

Our Testimonials

Harsh RajHarsh Raj
06:13 17 Mar 24
Sir had came to my house and provided me the detailed logic and repercussions to it.He answered all the queries I had and now I am really glad whatever things he has suggested it.I am very happy to follow all those.Thank you so much sir.
Varun JindalVarun Jindal
13:17 17 Dec 23
Harry SinghHarry Singh
11:32 08 Dec 23
Arvind Ji has been a pinnacle in driving success not only in my career but in a peaceful life too. He is very professional and very patient when helping through difficult situations. He is very creditable, his calculations and easy to do upayes have delivered impossible and amazing results. I would recommend Arvind Ji to any one, who likes the desired results with full honesty and transparency.
Family ChopraFamily Chopra
17:22 06 Dec 23
Very knowledgeable and pioneer of Astrology and Vastu. I’ve found his forecasts very reliable and commendable. Will recommend to others as well.
Sanyam SinglaSanyam Singla
17:40 15 Nov 23
I have been consulting him for years now and his predictions are very accurate and reliable. He is very genuine human being which you ardly see in today's world. Simple yet authentic. He guides in positive way where you remove all your fears and move ahead in life. I would highly recommend him.
Shivani KhoslaShivani Khosla
11:58 01 Nov 23
I know Arvind uncle ji for now more then 18 years now. He is so good. I trust him so much. When ever we have any problems all family members goes to him. Arvind uncle ji has solutions for everything.

Why Choose GoodByeBadLuck

We ensure our customers are provided with the best consultancy, know your future with us!

25+ years of experience

We have been working in this profession for more than 25 then our goal is to tell our customers their real stars.


We are being honest, maintain our authenticity, and openly tell the truth to all our customers.

Eco-friendly remedies

We are well known to provide eco-friendly remedies that work best in all cases.

Repeated customers

Our trusted customers who have been taking consultancy with us for our services have earned the trust of our esteemed customers

Process followed by astrologers in India


Chart Creation: An astrologer will ask your name, date of birth, place of birth, and all other required details, then ask your question, it could be related to your family, career, or others.


Chart Analysis: An astrologer will look for the causes of the problem in detail and create a chart to find the best suitable solution, it could be mispositioning any specific star or planet, or any dosha!


Interpretation and Prediction: After deep analysis of your chart our expert astrologer makes predictions based on your current “dashas,”.


Remedial Measures: It will provide you with the best remedy or solution to your problem and we are here to provide eco-friendly remedies that work best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FaQ)

You can ask any questions or queries you have in your mind that can be related to your studies, career goals, business startup, and others.

Astrologers cannot predict your life with complete certainty. It is more about trust and belief. The more you believe in astrology, the more you are likely to follow their remedies, and the more you will inclined towards astrology.

The expected timeline for seeing visible results from remedies varies depending on the severity and complexity of the doshas or imbalances. However, many clients report experiencing positive changes in their lives and environments relatively quickly after implementing an astrologer's recommendations.

Yes, astrology can see the future and tell you about the future happenings in your life. We at Goodbyebadluck are here to tell you about the future.

An astrologer must be experienced and expert, at Goodbyebadluck we have expert astrologers who can help you give you the exact idea of the future.

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