Best Vastu Consultant For Shop/Showroom

Vastu Consultancy has been done for everything so for retail shops, Retail businesses such as Kirana store, are considered to be more profitable as well as more reachable stores to the customers in towns which is why their sales are high. As you are living in a metropolitan city or any small town you must visit a retail shop once in your life then you must know the reason behind their sales as well as what they are doing to attract more customers.

Are You Facing?

Is it difficult to locate the main gate of your shop?

The main entrance of the shop brings positivity, prosperity, and harmony and it is very important to locate it according to the expert vastu guidance. It should be in the right direction.

Issues in your business

If you are facing hurdles in your business, then you must consult an expert vastu consultant and they will help you in running your business smoothly which will attract more abundance and wealth to your business.

Financial instability

To know the reason for financial loss in your businesses this might be caused by the improper vastu. Also, the correct location, and direction in your shop never brings financial instability to your business.

Locating goods

It is crucial to locate the goods and units to your shop under the guidance of a Vastu expert, it has been said that goods must be in the correct position because it will help you more in bringing prosperity to your business.

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Our Approach


Firstly, An on-site vastu consultant will visit the commercial space and they will analyze the location and do a detailed vastu for your industry/factory.


Secondly, the consultant will check for the location of the entrance, goods, and other important aspects of the industry.


After that, they will look for the appropriate solutions for the same.


Lastly, will give you an entire vastu report for your industry and the best suitable advice for it.

Benefits of Industrial Vastu Consultation

It has several benefits, in Indian culture it is said that one should always consult the Vastu expert before starting a new business and owning a shop. Below are the benefits incorporated into the retail shops or showrooms.

Vastu makes it a pleasant space for both owners and customers.

It gives good auspicious vibes to the customers at your shop, leading to spending more money on buying goods.

Vastu helps enhance your business and bring prosperity.

Different kinds of Vastu Solutions we offer

We at Goodbyebadluck provide Vastu consultation services on different matters, we advise you to look for the appropriate solution for you, let’s discuss the solutions offered by Goodbyebadluck for retail shops.

We are here to advise you on setting up a new retail shop, our vastu expert for the shop will give you the best suitable solutions for your shop.

Also,  Goodbyebadluck helps in guiding you on the existing shop/business. Such as if your shop is not attracting many customers then there must be some vastu issues. For this, please contact Goodbyebadluck.

Important location of the shops as per Vastu

Entrance of the shop

The entrance should always be planned according to the Vastu shastra and it should be easy to navigate for the customers. Vastu experts will tell you which entrance direction will suit best for your shop and attract more customers. It leads to more growth in your business and is of utmost importance.

Display of goods

According to Vastu Shastra, the products should always be placed in the northeast zone of the shop, this will attract customers to your shop and more customers attracted by the appearance.

Cashier counter

A shop cashier counter should never be at your back position to the entrance. As it is the main counter of the shop or showroom it should be in front. For more information on this please contact Goodbyebadluck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to vastu Consultation

The Vastu said the shape of the shop is of utmost importance when it comes to the growth of business and the Gomukhi shape shop is considered to be the best.

The northeast location of the shop is good and it is considered so auspicious for the retail business, make sure your entrance is always in the north direction.

Vastu shastra is best to do no whether matter your shop is rented or self-owned. It always impacts positively your business economy.

Singh-mukhi is also known as a lion-face shop or sher-mukhi, in this type the front of the shop is wider than the rear. It is one of the best-suited shapes for a retail shop. For more information on this, please contact Goodbyebadluck.

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