Vastu Consultant for Factory in India

When it comes to starting a new business or manufacturing industry, a consultation from expert Vastu Shastra for industrial purposes is very crucial. An industrial vastu consultant will help you with all the norms that are considered important for opening a manufacturing industry. It provides Vastu services from the layout and design of the premises to the placement of machinery in the factory and it will further bring positivity as well as boost the overall well-being of your workplace. Goodbyebadluck provides Vastu services on industrial matters and will make an entire map of your factory according to vastu shastra.

Are You Facing?

Is it difficult to locate the main gate of your factory?

The main entrance of the factory must bring positivity, prosperity, and harmony and it is very important to locate it according to the expert vastu guidance. It should be in the right direction.

Issues in your factory business

If you are facing hurdles in your business, then you must consult an expert vastu consultant and they will help you in running your business smoothly which will attract more abundance and wealth to your business.

Financial instability

To know the reason for financial loss in your businesses this might be caused by the improper vastu. Also, the correct location, and direction in your shop never brings financial instability to your business.

Locating goods

It is crucial to locate the goods and units in your factory under the guidance of a Vastu expert, it has been said that goods must be in the correct position because it will help you more in bringing prosperity to your business.

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Our Approach


Firstly, An on-site vastu consultant will visit the commercial space and they will analyze the location and do a detailed vastu for your industry/factory.


Secondly, the consultant will check for the location of the entrance, goods, and other important aspects of the industry.


After that, they will look for the appropriate solutions for the same.


Lastly, will give you an entire vastu report for your industry and the best suitable advice for it.

Benefits of Industrial Vastu Consultation

Consult with a good Vastu expert for the industry or factory has numerous benefits as it can leverage the growth of your industry operations. Let’s discuss a few advantages of it.

Smooth operations

Vastu Shastra will help you improve the overall flow of your operations and smoothen your industry output. An industrial vastu expert said it is important to follow the principles of Vastu shastra for your industry as it grows your industry hassle-free and aligns your industrial goods as per vastu.

Financial stability

Vastu Shastra for industry brings nurture, success, prosperity, and harmony which will further contribute to the financial success of your business. Any commercial space needs to be designed according to Vastu as it is considered more auspicious and brings more financial growth to your business.

Bring Positivity

A Vastu expert has designed the layout of your commercial space in a way that brings positivity to the atmosphere. A positive culture at your workplace results in better productivity as well as reducing stress levels.

Different kinds of Vastu Solutions we offer

In India, we have seen different astrologers/ Vastu consultants for different purposes. Such as commercial purposes, home building, financial issues, household matters, and humans’ future predictions. Every Vastu has their specialty in giving advice/ predictions on different matters of life and they ensure to bring harmony to individuals’ quality of living or working space. It has been observed that people mostly consult the Vastu for health, wealth, and love-related issues. Let’s discuss some various kinds of Vastu consultants in our country.

Our vastu expert gives you advice on the pre-building of a home and our expert will help you in making the complete structure and map of your home according to the Vastu shastra. As it has been said by the vastu experts the entrance gate of the home should be in the northeast direction of the home. Taking advice for the pre-manufacturer of a home can make your home a more auspicious place and free from all negative energies. Goodbyebadluck provides all pre-manufacturing vastu services for homes. 

Vastu shastra is of utmost importance for the home. In Indian culture, we usually worship god before entering our new home it is considered to be the most auspicious in our culture. Our Vastu experts for homes at Goodbyebadluck will provide the best services as well as solution for your home. 

Why Choose GoodByeBadLuck

We ensure our customers are provided with the best consultancy, know your future with us!

25+ years of experience

We have been working in this profession for more than 25 then our goal is to tell our customers their real stars.


We are being honest, maintain our authenticity, and openly tell the truth to all our customers.

Eco-friendly remedies

We are well known to provide eco-friendly remedies that work best in all cases.

Repeated customers

Our trusted customers who have been taking consultancy with us for our services have earned the trust of our esteemed customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to vastu Consultation

In India, Vastu Shastra helps in business establishments by looking into the vastu aspects such as location, placements of goods, etc. Also, it helps bring positivity which attracts success and prosperity.

Vastu shastra in the industry creates positivity which influences smooth business operations as well as creates balance between employee and work.

Your industrial goods must be placed in the right position and the location must be according to the vastu as it attracts more customers. Additionally, cleanliness should be maintained in your commercial space.

According to Vastu, it is always best to choose an east or north-facing location for your industry/factory. Also, it is beneficial for the growth of business.

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