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Vastu comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Vaas’ which means ‘vasthati’ to reside and it is majorly used for the purpose we are living, for instance, home, office, shop, etc. Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science architectural and design system and denotes the balance between an individual’s living and working life. Also, Vastu Shastra emphasizes the connection between cosmic energies and physical well-being. In our Indian tradition, most individuals believe in vastu shastra and are reaching out to different Vastu consultants in India. Vastu is a part of Vedas which is believed to be four to five thousand years old. It relates to balancing 5 basic elements of nature i.e. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky in the architecture will help in spreading positive cosmic energy.

Are You Facing?

Find difficulty locating the house's main gate

An expert Vastu Shastra can help you tell the best suitable location that attracts more positivity, harmony, and prosperity to your home.

Issues in your business

This might be a major problem if you do not consult the expert Vastu. Know the consequences associated with it to avoid hurdles and attract more abundance and wealth to your business.

Commercial Space

If your factory, shop, or any manufacturing unit is experiencing any kind of difficulty, it must be caused due to Vastu.

Financial eminence

To know the reason for financial loss in your home and business. Ensure that the correct direction of Vastu can never bring financial instability to your home. Must consult expert vastu for home if you do so.

Our Approach


Site Analysis: In this approach a consultant will look for the location and analyse its cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west). These directions will further help in assessing the energy flow at the location.


Planning and Design: This key approach involves consideration of designing and best suitable location of every single area of your space. Hence, this will help in correcting the vastu imbalances.


Construction and Implementation: It involves assessing the placement of doors, windows etc. an expert vastu consultant will select the material for the same and helps in promoting energy flow.


Post-Construction evaluation: It is the final and the most efficient approach of vastu, it ensures that the principles lead to positive energy flow. Also, suggest some benefits associated with it.

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How Can Vastu Help You?

bring prosperity

It is one of the most powerful benefits of vastu, correct placement of the location, the direction, the infrastructure always results in the prosperity to your space. So, it should be aligned according to vastu guidance.


Vastu consultation for home, shop, manufacturing industry, and factory will always bring success in your home as well as in business.

offer practical solutions

Our expert consultants provide you with multiple remedies to your problems. When it comes to finding a good solution for any property, remedies are the best to overcome the negativity.

Maintain A Positive Environment

When you keep following the vastu consultants directions it always leads to bringing a positive environment to your space in terms of good relations, financial stability etc.

enhance harmony

It is said by the expert consultants that the good location of the premises results in bringing harmony. so, make sure to always look for a good vastu consultant.

bring financial stability

People might face some financial hurdles in their family, homes or in their business. This could be because of the improper location and guidance of the consultants. A correct location as per the guidance of vastu will always maintain financial stability.

Different kinds of Vastu Solutions we offer

In India, we have seen different astrologers/ Vastu consultants for different purposes. Such as commercial purposes, home building, financial issues, household matters, and humans’ future predictions. Every Vastu has their specialty in giving advice/ predictions on different matters of life and they ensure to bring harmony to individuals’ quality of living or working space. It has been observed that people mostly consult the Vastu for health, wealth, and love-related issues. Let’s discuss some various kinds of Vastu consultants in our country.

It offers clients transformative research that challenges current understanding or provides pathways to new frontiers in science and engineering. People believe in the principles of Vastu Shastra to assess and optimize the flow of positive energy. In the building/ construction of the new home, seeking consultation from a residential vastu is recommended and it helps in bringing positive energy to your living environment.

Working spaces are the source of earning as well as achieving success. Vastu consultant provides the best advice for commercial purposes such as offices, factories, and shops. Assistance from the expert consultant always brings positive energy and enhances the flow to their desired workspaces.

According to Vastu Shastra, the main entrance of the shop must be in the north direction, it is considered to be best because it brings more positivity as well as earnings to your business. When it comes to starting a new business always take assistance from experts. Vastu consultant will help you tell the best entrance, area for placement for goods, location of cash counter, and location for deities picture. It is advisable to consult the Vastu for a shop before opening a shop.

In manufacturing factories, the positioning of machinery and equipment is an important factor. If it is being done according to Vastu it will bring more fortune and a positive inflow of energies to the manufacturing factory. Vastu Shastra plays a very vital role in starting a new business and factory.

In India, people believe in natural sources rather than medication. for this, we have health astrologers who provide natural remedies that help keep you away from the negativity around you.

Why Choose GoodByeBadLuck

We ensure our customers are provided with the best consultancy, know your future with us!

25+ years of experience

We have been working in this profession for more than 25 then our goal is to tell our customers their real stars.


We are being honest, maintain our authenticity, and openly tell the truth to all our customers.

Eco-friendly remedies

We are well known to provide eco-friendly remedies that work best in all cases.

Repeated customers

Our trusted customers who have been taking consultancy with us for our services have earned the trust of our esteemed customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FaQ)

There are both negative and positive for Vastu. So, it is advisable to ask for these points at the time of consultation.

The expected timeline for seeing visible results from Vastu remedies varies on factors including the severity and complexity of the doshas or imbalances. However, many clients report experiencing positive changes in their lives and environments relatively quickly after implementing Vastu recommendations.

The remedies are the way to solve problems and keep you away from negativity. Hence, remedies play an important role while consulting with any astrologer/vastu expert. He/she will provide you with remedies to deal with your issues.

In Hindu mythology, people believe in the positioning of their house and it matters a lot. So, always ask for the facing of home when it comes to residential vastu.

In India, there are numerous Vastu consultants available, always keep in mind that your consultant has enough knowledge and experience on Vastu, secondly, he/ she must provide the appropriate reason behind the vastu.

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